Dare to wear bodysuits, day and night!

Dare to wear bodysuits, day and night!

The women’s bodysuit invites and reinvents itself every year. It has become a trendy piece, an essential fashion accessory in our closets when autumn arrives. Dare to wear the bodysuits, this classy and sensual piece of lingerie. To enhance a daytime outfit or as a main piece of lingerie at night.

The bodysuit is a comfortable fashion accessory, of timeless elegance, ideal to wear for a special occasion. Slipped under jeans, high-waisted pants or a straight skirt. Paired with a blazer or under a large sweater. There are a variety of different bodysuits models, each having its own usefulness, for a particular moment.

·     How to choose the perfect bodysuit ? 

In cotton or lace, with or without straps, sculpting or curving, with or without sleeves, elegant or transparent, bodysuits will always sublimate women’s silhouette. The solution under tight dresses and sweaters, a must-have for a touch of refinement to wear under the most important looks.

Adopting bodysuits is combining comfort and sensuality for a refined and slender silhouette. Adorned with silk or lace, with or without cleavage, sober or with elaborate details. Dare to wear apparent bodysuit and make yourself visible! Drop your vest and reveal your femininity.

If the small breasts can afford anything, it is advisable for larger caps to avoid models with balconies. To avoid any possible touch of vulgarity, opt instead for bodysuits without frames or in which the chest will be hidden. So this is the perfect gift idea for the end-of-year holidays or for Valentine’s Day, or for Mother’s Day.

·     Our selection of bodysuits

Shop our selection of bodysuits now. It features a wide range of different styles:
with straps,
in lace ,
in velvet,
– with silk,
in mesh and velvet,
with balcony,
long sleeved
body heart,
open body,
golden bodysuit,
cropped body,
for the bride,

·     Interested in learning more about the origins of the bodysuit?

It was in the 1950s that the French trapeze artist, Jules Léotard, invented the leotard then used as a sticky jersey one-piece for practicing gymnastics.

It was only in the 70s and 80s that the bodysuit became this super sexy piece we nowadays know. The madness of aerobics with the release of the movie Flashdance has largely contributed to put it back in the spotlight. As well as the daily wear of bodysuit by Véronique and Davina, the hosts of the famous French TV show Gym Tonic. However, it has become sexier and more sophisticated over the years. The current bodysuit is even elegant.

Jules Léotard certainly had no idea at that time that his leotard would be worn by women in everyday life. Today bodysuits are coming in many forms. With or without frames, in plain fabric or a printed fabric. Mixing different materials in a very bold way, as when mixing the transparency of mesh with the opacity of velvet. It is far from its simple use in the sports context.

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