This French haute couture lingerie brand was founded in 1889 by Herminie Cadolle, the inventor of the bra. It is famous all over the world and manufactures fine and delicate lingerie. The house has been run for 6 generations by the same family and is entirely dedicated to luxury lingerie. It has become a real must in Paris!

Its lingerie pieces are of high quality and emphasize the body of women with delicacy. Thanks to its ancestral “savoir-faire” and its choice of exceptional materials. French lace, satin silk in Italian tulle or some of these materials.

Each corset, cincher, bra is a perfect combination of beauty and technique, elegance and fine tailoring. Alongside the more classic pieces of the brand some more daring pieces are added, focused on seduction. Such as the iconic geisha triangle bra and garter thong for example.

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