Couture de Nuit

Couture de nuit is a brand of signature playsuits based in Barcelona. It was created by Aleksandra Chermenina. Somewhere enbetween lingerie and accessory, she developed a collection of sexy niche products. Whatever the curves or skin color they allow women broadcasting their inner self, in a playful and eye-catching way. Empowerment, emancipation, self-confidence !

The words defining best this amazing harness signature collections are “Chic“, “Elegance” and “Aesthetics“. The velvet confers an extremely pleasant touch to these harnesses. And the voluptuous colors will gloriously exalt the curves of all body types.

Every harness is composed of multiple crossings of adjustable straps with sliders. You can adjust them and define where you want the stripes on your body.

Aleksandra Chermenina is not planning to add many models to the existing range in future, nor to develop seasonal collections. The focus is rather on the development of high quality models. Diligently created, in order to achieve a breathtaking visual result.

Couture de Nuit firmly believes that things can’t be beautiful unless they are well done and thus defends true craftsmanship. All the articles are designed and manufactured in Europe with a lot of love, patience, rigor and meticulous attention to detail.

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