Fleur of England

Fleur of England is a British lingerie company offering elegant and seductive luxury lingerie. All lingerie pieces are hand designed by Fleur Turner since 2001. They are manufactured in the UK and Europe.

The designer creates lingerie for women by women. She creates sensual feminine ensembles inspiring romance, elegance and sophistication.
Special attention to comfort is taken into account when designing each model.

The brand is internationally known for its leading edge design. It has developed a signature style which is loved and cherished by loyal customers. The subtle combination of luxurious materials, gorgeous transparencies, silk and lace will make you enter in the exquisite world of seduction, combined to perfect fit.

There are 4 different collections in 4 different colors every season (Autumn-Winter) and (Spring -Summer). These collections are always composed of the same models of bras, suspenders, thong and briefs. But they are declined in different colors and the bespoke embroidery is always different.

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