I.D. Sarrieri

I.D. Sarrieri is a luxury lingerie brand, offering refined lingerie, loungewear and swimwear. The brand has existed since the beginning of the 21st century and is driven by the desire to celebrate women in all their power and sophistication. The fine lingerie pieces created therefore exude femininity and sensuality.

Intended for sophisticated women, these pieces are both sexy but always elegant and refined. They embody glamour par excellence! And are designed to please, inspire and delight.

The I.D. Sarrieri brand is distinguished by its choice of exceptional materials and high-quality craftsmanship. Special attention is given to detail during production. All pieces of refined lingerie feature noble materials such as silk, Illusion tulle and lace. Despite their relatively classic design, the pieces stand out from the crowd thanks to their subtle blend of refinement and seduction. Haute couture lingerie, exquisitely decorated.

The universe of the brand is completely unique. Glamour, elegance, refinement and sophistication are its essential values. Through its unique creations, the brand invites each woman to escape and celebrate her vision of femininity.

Enter the refined world of I.D. Sarrieri and escape for a moment!

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