Opaak is a new German lingerie company, developed in close collaboration with experienced European suppliers and manufacturers of the luxury segment. Both the carving of the patterns and the choice of materials are blameless. Special attention is given to the operation of supply chains, in accordance with ethics and environmental standards. The brand thus only opts for materials from European partners, from regenerative and recycled materials to certified organic cotton. Opaak is continually looking for innovations in the sustainable material industry. This in order to find a balance and to propose durable products without making any compromise on the quality of the design.

Opaak loves the mysterious, the unseen. The talented designer of the brand, Agathe D. Muffert, believes deeply in self-expression. The brand wants to be the tool, allowing to establish a sexy relationship between body and soul. It is dedicated to women who are concerned about their fingerprint and who are leading their own rhythm.

Beauty is not a criterion defined once and for all according to Opaak. The brand does not want to take position in one way or another. They are loving the magic of tension and are seeing beauty in the in-between. Self-confidence and sensitivity are a perfect combination. Opaak is a notion, an idea. It is neither transparent nor completely opaque.

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