Scène Discrète

Scène Discrète produces elegant capes for women who are looking for a light yet refined clothing accessory. The pieces can be worn over lingerie and swimwear. But also as a ready-to-wear accessory, over a bustier or a dress.

Each cape is named after a city and takes you into a completely different world. Define the one that suits you best.

This collection of city capes has been designed to meet many needs. Some women have a complex about one part of their body. Whether it is the upper part, the bust, or whether it is the lower part, the pelvic area. They don’t like their breasts or they don’t like their stomach, their hips or their buttocks. For these reasons, many of them do not dare to show themselves in lingerie or swimwear. Capes are therefore multifunctional accessories, to be worn over lingerie, bikinis and swimming costumes. They allow the shape to show through while covering certain parts of the body. They can also be worn as a glamorous fashion accessory, over a bustier or an evening dress.

Designed by Caroline van der Plancke, the products are handmade in Belgium by Luda, a talented Ukrainian seamstress.

The choice of having a local production chain is part of the desire to respect a short circuit. To know the person who makes your capes, in good working conditions. Only produced made to order  to avoid waste. The fabrics and laces are coming from Italy and the production is done in Wallonia, 10 km away from Scène Discrète’s headquarters.

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