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Marseille Cape

The Marseille cape, made of black mesh and flocked velvet lace, is a breath of fresh air. It has a flared cut and a boat neck. The flocked velvet lace has a graphic design. This lace reminds us of the concrete lace walls of the MUCEM museum in Marseille.

On the Marseille black cape, flocked velvet lace is applied at bust height and also adorns the bottom contour of the cape. The combination of the two materials gives it a modern look. The boat neck highlights the shoulders.

This cape is slipped on at the top and the boat neck is made of black elastic velvet. The bottom contour of the cape also has a nice black velvet outline.

This flared cut stops just below the buttocks. This allows the legs to be well highlighted. The mesh and flocked velvet lace give it a light and soft look. This modern cape hides the bust but lets the lower body show through thanks to the transparency of the materials. It combines perfectly with the Marseille shorty in flocked velvet.

Details of the Marseille cape

Handmade in Belgium by an experienced seamstress with over 30 years of experience. 
It is particularly important to me to promote a local, handmade production. To get to know the person who makes your capes and to honour his or her know-how.

All women capes and accessories created by C by Scène Discrète are made in Belgium. Pure “handmade in Belgium” 🇧🇪 for a short and local circuit. Produced only to order, so as to contribute to an eco-responsible consumption. Opt for an ethical production and say no to the waste of materials.

Discover also the Lisboa cape in black mesh and black and gold lace and the Paris cape in black embroidered tulle.

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