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Paris Cape

Cape Paris de Scène Discrète - vue détail

The Paris black cape, entirely made of black tulle, has a flared cut and an embroidered boat neck. This boat neck, decorated with beautiful floral embroidery, hand-stitched on the mesh, includes sequins. These sequins enhance the unique black lace of this cape, giving it a glittering and luxurious look.

The floral embroidery of this luxurious Paris black cape comes from Italy. It is carefully cut out and sewn onto the black tulle. It marks the whole contour of the collar and makes a beautiful scroll in the centre of the back. Embroidered flowers are beautifully placed on the skin and harmoniously dress the shoulders

The bottom of the Paris black cape is made of embroidered tulle and has a black satin border. The soft italian tulle is comfortable to wear. This seductive cape has a flared cut that stops just below the buttocks. That shows off the legs well. The mesh gives a light and airy look.

This ultra sensual and chic cape lets the skin underneath show through thanks to the transparency of the tulle combined with the embroidery. It can be worn as a casual ready-to-wear accessory over dresses and tops. Or as a negligee over lingerie or swimwear. It can also be worn as a chic accessory over an evening dress, a bustier or a bodysuit.

Details of the Paris cape

Handmade in Belgium by an experienced seamstress with over 30 years of experience. 
It is particularly important to me to promote a local, handmade production. To get to know the person who makes this chic capes for women and to honor her know-how.

All women capes and accessories created by C by Scène Discrète are made in Belgium. Pure “handmade in Belgium” 🇧🇪 for a short and local circuit. Produced only to order, so as to contribute to an eco-responsible consumption. Opt for an ethical production and say no to the waste of materials.

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