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Body harnesses feel beautiful !

Kate playsuit black

What is a harness ?

Harnesses, for women, are neither a complete armor nor a ceremonial garment, as defined in the past in the lexicon. 

As a true piece of seduction, the body harness is made up of stretchy and adjustable straps and adapts to the silhouette for a perfect fit. It will highlight the most beautiful parts of the woman’s body.

The harness is an accessory that can be worn over clothing or directly upon the skin. As an underwear, it is perceived as a mischievous  and sexy playsuit, ultra sensual. Upon outerwear it is considered as a trendy accessory.  

Designed for lingerie lovers looking for more suggestive pieces, these bold adornments are ideal for enhancing sensuality. They will perfectly highlight all the curves.

Some luxury lingerie brands are developing harnesses to match their lingerie sets. This is the case of brands such as « Fleur of England » and « Paloma Casile » for example. Their harnesses serve as real jewels sublimating the lace lingerie set by adding a glamorous touch.

How to wear a body harness without looking vulgar?

With its usually minimalistic style the harness is a visible accessory while being quite discreet at the same time. It can be added over a top, blouse or turtleneck sweater to enhance your outfit of the day. In this case, it is recommended to opt for harness that is relatively simple, as trendy accessory. The waxed rope harness from “Domestic” are a good example of this use. 

Black snap harness in waxed rope - Scène Discrète
Black snap harness in waxed rope

If you opt for a lace harness, with a strap in the neckline, and closing around the neck, you can wear it under a blouse. In this cas it will more be considered as a cleavage adornment or a jewel. Every season, Fleur of England develops lace harnesses to match her lingerie.

Lace harness - Scène Discrète
MIDNIGHT harness in lace

Paloma Casile” has also developed a series of trendy harnesses with a silver-plated jewel.

JOHNNY harness front- Scène Discrète
JOHNNY black harness

Multiple straps harnesses

When the harness is made up of multiple adjustable straps, it will most likely be worn on the skin instead. Or possibly on top of luxury lingerie. This lingerie can be transparent to bring out only the playsuit. This is always very useful to titillate the imagination of your partner or sublimate your femininity. The velvet playsuits from « Couture de Nuit are erotic pieces of luxury lingerie.

To avoid vulgarity, one will not wear a playsuit made up of multiple straps on top of clothes. And certainly not if it is composed of leather or faux leather. This would make the overall look trashier, unless you’re definitely looking for a fetish look.

What type of harness to choose?

There are all kinds of harnesses in different materials: leather or faux leather harnesses, velvet playsuits, waxed rope harnesses, chain harnesses (gold-plated or silver-plated), satin elastic playsuits, lace harnesses, beaded harnesses, stretch-band harnesses… Browse our selection of lingerie harnesses here.

This eye-catching accessory will add a finishing touch to your look. Sometimes it looks like a real haute couture jewel, to wear during the day. Sometimes it will simply sublimate your whole body, and will most likely be worn at night. As an exceptional lingerie piece with a luxurious look. 

It can be used alone or as a piece to combine with other accessories. And don’t forget: these body adornments adapt to a majority of morphologies since they are made up of adjustable straps. They are the perfect gift to give or receive.

If the harness is of good quality it can be worn in different ways and on many occasions. If it is well tied, it will certainly be considered as a timeless, exceptional outfit.

When do you wear them?

The harness is designed for all daring women who want to sublimate their sense of freedom. At the crossroads of chic and sexy, this luxury fetish accessory will sublimate all those who want to add a touch of provocation to their intimacy.

Whether you wear it in public or in private, during the day or for a passionate evening, only for you or also for him, for your birthday or for his Valentine’s Day, do not miss any opportunity to wear it! In any case, it will enjoy your partner because it’s the most erotic accessory to awaken all his senses.

Between sexy underwear, jewelry accessory or boudoir lingerie piece, it’s up to you to choose the use you will give it.

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