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New designer brand : 13ème Lune

13ème Lune by Scène Discrète

This autumn/winter 2020-2021, Scène Discrète aimed to add 3 new designer lingerie brands to its existing list. The first two to be unveiled were “Coco de Mer” and “I.D. Sarrieri“.
In the meantime, winter has already given way to spring and we are very pleased to unveil the third brand: “13ème Lune“. A French luxury lingerie brand, offering refined and timeless models.

About 13ème Lune

13ème Lune” is a luxury lingerie brand, handmade in the South of France. The proposed lingerie sets are refined and poetic at the same time. Created by Stéphanie Cappellini in 2015, the brand wants to be firmly anchored in the sphere of ethical and sustainable fashion. She therefore favours limited production to avoid over-consumption by offering only one collection per year. Stéphanie prefers to make her collections evolve over the years rather than having to renew them every season.

The designer also chooses not to use animal materials (neither silk nor leather). This is to honour life, nature and animals. In this way, she conveys her desire to create and consume with a clear conscience.

Another of the brand’s core values is the establishment of sustainable relationships with its partners, both suppliers and distributors. I have been aware of the brand for more than two years now and I am therefore delighted to start this collaboration.

13ème Lune‘s universe

The moon is the symbol of feminine energy, giving rhythm to the cycle of nature and the feminine cycle. The number 13 represents femininity in ancient cultures. It also corresponds to the number of lunar cycles (menstrual cycles). In addition, each season is composed of 13 weeks, separating the equinoxes from the solstices.
Since the dawn of time, women have been sensitive to the fluctuating energies generated by the different phases of the moon. Thus their moods and sensitivities can vary according to these different periods.

Through the lingerie sets that Stéphanie Cappellini proposes, she invites us to travel and to reconnect with our Sacred Feminine and its goddesses. The lingerie pieces are both sensual and timeless. They invite us to regain control over our sensuality and our power of seduction.

13ème Lune wishes to accompany all women in their creative cycle, according to their desires. The brand wants to celebrate the different phases of the female cycle.

Here are a few pieces from the latest collection specially selected for you: the Moon Spell collection.

The Moon Spell collection

It is a magical collection of luxury lingerie that embodies the full moon and its outpouring of cosmic tides. This ultra sexy collection combines nude tulle with sublime black embroidery and gold-plated metallic accessories. The highlights of this collection are the seductive moon spell embroidered underwired bra with the enchanting moon spell embroidered ouvert brief,

The luxurious moon spell embroidered triangle bra with the sublime moon spell embroidered high waist thong.

As well as the seductive moon spell halter top in embroidered mesh, the  moon spell embroidered g-string and the sensual moon spell embroidered suspender belt. And the moon spell kimono in embroidered mesh combined to the moon spell gaiters in embroidered mesh.

To see the backstage video of the last shooting organized by Scène Discrète with photographer Franck Duez, please go to our Facebook page:

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  • Paloma Casile is a French brand of designer lingerie with unexpected graphic cuts. The majority of the pieces designed are made of Calais & Caudry lace and embellished with metallic accessories. Paloma has recently launched two different lines: Paloma Casile Paris, with couture models, and Paloma la Nuit, with more accessible and rocky models.
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