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Launch of capes by Scène Discrète

Cape Lisboa en mesh et dentelle doré de Scène Discrète - profil

Today is a big day! It’s the culmination of months of work. And it is also the launch of the collection of elegant women capes by Scène Discrète. The beginning of a beautiful story, made of exciting meetings with exceptional women.

It is therefore with great joy that I will share with you, as time goes by, the different creations born and conceived during the confinement. These handcrafted creations are in line with the products offered on the Scène Discrète website but not only. These elegant lace capes are aimed at women who are looking for a light yet refined clothing accessory. The pieces can be worn over lingerie and swimwear. But also as a ready-to-wear accessory, over a bustier or a dress.

Why capes, you may ask?

Scène Discrète’s private showroom is existing for 4 years now. This space dedicated to lingerie and swimwear fittings welcomes many people. As time goes by, I could notice a recurrent element. Indeed, most women have a complex about a part of their body. Whether it is the bust area or the pelvis area, stomach, hips or thighs. This is one of the reasons why they do not always feel comfortable showing themselves in lingerie or swimwear.

I therefor wanted to develop an elegant clothing accessory that could both hide certain parts of the body and enhance others. In which you can feel confident and which can be worn day or night. Over lingerie or a swimwear. And even as a ready-to-wear accessory over a dress or bustier.

Production of capes

Each cape is different, named after a city, and immerses you in a completely different world. The city capes by Scène Discrète are produced in Belgium. They are all made of black mesh and Italian lace sourced from Italy. These black capes are assembled by Luda, a skilled seamstress with 30 years of experience, who has her sewing atelier 10 km from the our headquarters. My desire was to respect a short production line and to have a production made in Belgium. The capes are only produced on demand to avoid any waste.

Lisboa Cape from Scène Discrète - panoramic view
Lisboa Cape – panoramic view

Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by travelling abroad and I decided to make my creations travel. And to give them names of destinations that are dear to me.

The different capes

The Lisboa cape is the first model of the series. It is made of black mesh, decorated with black and gold Italian lace with a floral pattern on the bottom of the cape. This is the model Eliya chose for her road trip to Portugal. As Lisbon is the city where my husband Pascal proposed to me in 2017, it’s all the more symbolic for me to open the series with this one.

The Marseille cape is the second model. Eliya, originally coming from the Marseille region, was directly inspired by this cape in black mesh and flocked velvet. She immediately told me that this cape reminded her of Brigitte Bardot in babydoll. Moreover the flocked velvet lace reminded me of the MUCEM wall and its concrete lace. This cape inspires lightness.

The Paris cape is the third cape. This black mesh cape has a floral embroidery, applied and sewn by hand all around the boat neck. It is an elegant cape with sequins. These give it a glittering and dressier look. This luxurious cape can be worn day or night, as a ready-to-wear accessory, over a top or a bustier.

Promotion of the capes

One of my desires regarding the image of the city capes is to reflect femininity but above all elegance. So I am delighted to work with the production company Dameiya Prod.
Damien, the photographer, and Eliya, the model, have understood my request and have created magnificent visuals for the Lisboa cape. After discovering the result of the first shoot, I naturally decided to trust them for 2 other shoots.

About Scène Discrète

Scène Discrète was created in 2017 to share with you a passion for refined and elegant lingerie. The website, dedicated to luxury lingerie, offers an exclusive selection of foreign designers.

Guided by my love for fine craftsmanship, innovative design and high quality materials, I have selected the different brands. All the brands selected manufacture their collections exclusively in Europe. The fabrics are also all from Europe.

In March 2022, Scène Discrète launches its own product range. Elegant black capes, to be worn day and night.

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