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New designer brand : “Coco de Mer”

Ensemble en dentelle cerise SAKURA de la marque de lingerie de luxe Coco de Mer

This Autumn-Winter 2020-2021, Scène Discrète is adding 3 designer lingerie brands to its existing list. The British brand “Coco de Mer” has its own atelier and boutique in London. It is the first of these 3 new luxury lingerie brands to be unveiled.

About Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer is a British lingerie brand founded in 2001. It offers luxurious, seductive and stimulating lingerie. The brand takes its name from an exotic plant, the seed of which bears a striking resemblance to the woman’s intimate part. It offers refined and erotic lingerie at the same time. It wants to encourage exploration of the body, provoke excitement and invite to pleasure.

The notion of eroticism is precious to Coco de Mer because it perfectly sums up its free-thinking ideology. She wants to invite women to explore their sensual side. Wearing trendy lingerie in good taste but with an erotic je ne sais quoi.

Coco de Mer has an exclusive boutique in London. Describing it as a place where sensuality, fashion and eroticism are combined. To form a decadent and captivating mix. As a supplier of sensuality she collects objects. And creates experiences to celebrate mutual pleasure and individual satisfaction.

Scène Discrète proposes a selection of a few pieces from this erotic lingerie brand.

The collections for Autumn-Winter 2020-2021


The first collection of Coco de Mer for this season is called AKIKO. “Akiko” is a powerful and feminine collection in crimson red, embodying the femme fatale in luxury lingerie. The seductive pieces of this collection, adorned with embroidery, are designed in the london atelier of the brand “coco de mer”. These embroideries intertwine with delicate floral details taken from the sensual prints of shunga artwork. The tulle, incorporated into the embroideries, reveals intimate parts of the silhouette while framing and celebrating the body.


The second collection is called SAKURA. It takes its name from the japanese word meaning “cherry blossom”. This collection is designed to let all the beauty of the flower shine through. The pieces in this collection feature shimmering cherry-coloured french lace on a delicate aubergine coloured tulle. And wrapped in rich cherry silk. The soft collar of lace lashes creates a petal effect on the skin. The soft lurex finish exudes a magical feeling when it catches the light. Each piece, handcrafted, delicately frames the beauty of the feminine forms.

Sakura bodysuit in cherry lace
Sakura bodysuit in cherry lace
SAKURA Plunge bra and open brief in cherry lace
SAKURA Plunge bra and open brief in cherry lace


The third collection “FUJI” is composed of black silk and lace inspired by Japanese fans. This lace offers spectacular scallop details. This collection celebrates iconic Japanese patterns with a touch of Coco de Mer. Get ready to discover sensational creations that attract attention with their alternating opacity and transparency.

Fuji lingerie set in black lace

Scène Discrète offers two other British luxury lingerie brands on its website:

  • Fleur of England: which offers luxury lingerie in silk and lace hand-drawn by Fleur Turner. This fine lingerie brand won the Independent Drapers Award in 2018.
  • Kunza Corsetorium: which offers luxury corsets and corset corsages made of silk and lace. Custom-made pieces are also possible.
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