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New “Marlène” collection from Prelude Milano

Body avec armatures bresilien Marlène
The brand new Marlene collection in black satin and floral lace from Prelude Milano is a trendy collection for this winter 2021-2022. It is an ultra elegant and sensual collection, embodying grace and timeless beauty. All the seductive pieces from this “Marlène” collection feature a mix of black stretch satin and lace. The luxurious Marlène fantasy bra in lace combined with the beautiful Marlène satin and lace skirt make a beautiful ensemble. The Marlène bodysuit in black lace is a gorgeous piece to wear without moderation, day and night. The masterful Marlène high waist brief in lace and the Marlène triangle bra in lace are ultra-comfortable and stylish pieces. The high waist brief can be combined with the triangle bra, which has lace ruffles on the straps, as well as with the Marlène fantasy bra in lace, which covers the entire bust. For more sophisticated pieces to wear in the evening, opt for the Marlène long-sleeved bodysuit in black lace. It is available in black and silver grey and can be worn under a blazer or without a jacket, combined with a skirt or trousers.

About Prelude Milano

Prelude Milano is a luxury lingerie brand made in Europe, which style office is located in Milano. The products of this luxury lingerie brand are manufactured in Europe. They integrate the European tradition in manufacture. All the fabrics are provided by well-known and appreciated European providers. Dentelle de CalaisSwarovski ElementsSuperfine and Sensitive are a few of them. Great attention is given to detail. The use of carefully selected high quality fabrics and accessories are guaranteeing the quality of these products to the smallest detail. The mix of silk, lace and embroidery creates an undeniable universe of beauty. A real inspiration for modern women. The Prelude woman is both empowering and naturally glamorous. She is a refined woman, surprising with subtle details.

Marlène Collection in back satin and floral lace

This collection reveals an absolute elegance, thanks to this clever mix of noble materials. It pays tribute to the famous actress Marlène Dietrich and brings this minimalist luxury thanks to its retro chic style. A beautiful story of timeless splendor, given by this mixture between embroidery and delicate silk, in the same soft tone. Discover other lingerie pieces satin silk and lace from the brand Prelude Milano by clicking here
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