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Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of trying this lingerie set that seemed so beautiful in the shop window and that looks like nothing when passing it in the cabin? Have you ever runaway from these horrible fitting rooms, with their unflattering mirrors, reflecting an image of you in a blatant light? There is an alternative to avoid this kind of inconvenience. Make an appointment in a private showroom, this unique space dedicated to consulting and fitting within the comfort of a living room. You’ll find a service and sensitivity that make all the difference.

What is a private showroom ?

Far from being a classic fitting room as you can find in all stores, the private showroom is a hushed space, which is entirely dedicated to you. It’s a new kind of shop

Showroom_Scène Discrète
Private Lounge from Scène Discrète

The private showroom is the ideal place to spend a pleasant time, alone, in a couple or accompanied, while making a choice of refined lingerie. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to please you, it’s a special moment to treat yourself.

Many women come with their husbands. They are often the ones who make the appointment for them. The private showroom of Scene Discrete has a corner with the presentation of lingerie pieces, a sofa, a fitting room, a rotating mirror on a central axis and drawers containing multiple unique lingerie pieces. 

Private showroom of Scène Discrète
Private lounge from Scène Discrète

How does an appointment take place?

The first idea is to welcome you into this unique space, to create a bubble out of time and the hustle and bustle of department stores, so that you can disconnect and receive the attention you deserve.

The second idea is to present you an exclusive selection of high-end lingerie that you won’t find in other stores in Belgium. These designers of refined and elegant lingerie are not yet or very little known on the Belgian territory.

The third one is to let you evolve in the space and let you choose the pieces you want to try. I will allow myself to show you unique pieces of luxury lingerie that are not on display, only if you wish.

My mission is to help women get on their own scene, showcasing their femininity, with elegance and refinement.

What are the advantages of going to a private showroom ?

  • Get a personalised welcome
  • in a dedicated space
  • to live a special moment
  • with tailored advice
  • in a warm atmosphere
  • for an unprecedented fitting experience
  • of exclusive lingerie collections
  • at flexible hours
  • Welcome in French, English and Dutch.

Are you looking for an original gift idea to offer?

Don’t look further and offer her a fitting session for:

  • Christmas or New Years Eve
  • her birthday
  • a bachelorette party
  • a wedding
  • Valentine’s Day
  • pleasure, simply

Where is the private showroom from Scène Discrète located and when is it open?

The private showroom is located in Glabais, a small village nestled in the heart of Brabant Wallon, a 10-minute drive from Waterloo, Lasne, Braine-l’alleud and Nivelles.

It is accessible during the day but can also be accessible in the early evening, on Saturdays and sometimes even on public holidays. It’s an personalized service based on availability. By appointment only to ensure a special moment.

Whether you’re looking for luxury lingerie, ready-to-wear inspired by lingerie, erotic luxury or other intimate accessories, book an appointment to visit the showroom. I will accompany you, responding to your desires while taking your morphology into account. It’s more than just a boutique, it’s a unique place bringing together exclusive collections.

Address : 31D, rue Reine Astrid in 1473 Glabais Website : Phone : +32 483 392 777 Mail : [email protected] By appointment only

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