13ème Lune

13ème Lune is a French, anti-conformist, luxury lingerie brand created by Stéphanie Cappellini in 2015. All the collections of this brand are produced in Marseille, by hand. They combine soft and delicate fabrics with sophisticated and elegant graphic shapes. Complex details, often very aesthetic, enhance the overall effect.

Through these refined lingerie sets Stéphanie Cappellini invites us to travel and reconnect with the Sacred Feminine and its goddesses. The luxury lingerie pieces she offers are unique and timeless. They invite us to regain control over our sensuality and our power of seduction.

The feminine cycle represents the fluctuations of energy in the female body and is symbolised by the moon. Every 2.62 years we encounter a “13th Moon” in the sky. It is also nicknamed the “Super Moon” of the year.

The brand has evolved over time and through its different collections. The Moon Spell collection is a collection embodying the full moon and its outpouring of cosmic tides. This ultra sexy collection combines nude tulle with sublime black embroidery and golden metallic accessories.

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