Moeva London

MOEVA is an independent luxury swimwear brand founded in London in 2012 by three inspiring women: Burcu, Damla and Yagmur. The idea of the brand is to personify a strong and elegant woman in timeless swimwear. “Mo” comes from a Far Eastern expression which stands for brave and powerful and “Eva” as the first woman to ever meet the face of the planet Earth. These words combined emphasize the courage and the power of the women.

The combination of innovative design with quality apparel are making it a modern swimwear brand. Minimalism enhanced with elegance and luxury would perfectly define it. The fabric, thelining, the closures as well as the accessories all have a their importance to ensure an outstanding quality to all the pieces.

MOEVA LONDON strives to provide long-lasting, good quality and comfortable products thus ensuring the clients well-being. Timeless luxury swimwear with an element of surprise and freshness in terms of designwhilst interpreting the latest European fashion trends.

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