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Belgian E-shops

Belgian e-shops

Belgian e-shops in the spotlights

The containment period, imposed by the COVID-19 virus, is a difficult time for all of us. Families are confined to their homes, travel is discouraged and non-food stores are closed. As a result our consumption patterns are being completely disrupted. And we are invited to review our priorities. However, this period can also be a time for creativity and the launch of new projects. This is the case of 3 mother entrepreneurs, who decided to create a website: “Les e-shops belges“, listing all Belgian online shops.

Their project quickly becomes a great success and the facebook page created for “Les e-shops belges” gets many subscribers. At the time of writing this article the facebook page counts 7939 subscribers and the website lists a little more than 300 Belgian e-shops.

On Tuesday 5 May 2020 the TV program  “C’est du belge“, broadcasted on RTBF, decided to put this beautiful initiative in the spotlights. The aim of the program is to highlight Belgian talents and know-how. So we’re right in the focus. To watch the interview about the project in “C’est du belge”, click HERE.  

How is the project “Belgian e-shops” born?

This project of the Belgian e-shops is a voluntary initiative, born from the will of 3 women: Nathalie, Théodora and Laurence to support local businesses. These 3 women entrepreneurs are part of the Mompreneurs network whose leitmotiv is “together we go further”. They felt the need to act and create this solidarity project to support our local economy. Benevolence is the key word defining it.

Nathalie Ceter, designer of the project “les e-shop belges”, is also the founder of the children’s shoes website “Les Casses-pieds“. She is quickly joined by Laurence Verset, who has created the website of the Belgian e-shops. Laurence has extensive experience in this field as founder of “De la suite dans les ID“.
Théodora Greindl, founder of Customefy, a webshop offering personalized gift items, co-manages the project with the 2 other mompreneurs.

The project started with the creation of a Facebook page. It quickly gained notoriety and visibility thanks to its many likes and shares. In less than a week it collected 4000 subscribers through word-of-mouth working well. More and more Belgian entrepreneurs get to hear about the project and are willing to list their e-commerce site on it. It is therefore quite naturally that I send my request to have Scène Discrète’s website listed in the GIFTS section.

begian e-shops - gifts
Belgian e-shops – gifts

What are the criteria to appear on the Belgian E-shops website?

Here are the criteria:

  • be an .e entrepreneur or VSE AND
  • own a belgian e-commerce site.

As “Scène Discrète” is a Belgian concept, combining an e-commerce site and a showroom located in Belgium, my request was immediately accepted.

How to apply?

The procedure is simple and this is probably also one of the reasons contributing to the immediate success of this site.

  • First step: go to the Facebook page “Belgian e-shops” and send a message to the project managers via Messenger. An automatic reply including the conditions and the procedure to follow is directly received.
  • Second step: send a maximum of 4 photos, a text presenting the activity to be copied/pasted and the address of the e-commerce site. If you meet the conditions, this information will be published as soon as possible on the Facebook page by the managers.
  • Third step: like the Facebook page “Belgian e-shops” and share it on your personal profile. Invite as many friends as possible to visit the page and share it in turn, to quickly gain visibility.
  • Fourth step: fill in the online form to list your e-shop on the “Belgian e-shops” websites and mention 2 categories in which you want to appear.
  • Promote it because “Together we go further”.

Categories of e-shops on the site

  • Food
  • Animals
  • Arts & Craftsmanship
  • Well-being
  • Gifts
  • Deco
  • Childhood
  • Leisure
  • Fashion
  • Mobility
  • Zero Waste

A new version of the site has been launched in December 2020.

In response to the growing success of the “Belgian e-shops” website, the 3 Mompreneurs had to switch technology in order to be able to present the +/- 1300 Belgian e-shops that had submitted their request.
For my part, I have noticed an increase in visits to the Scène Discrète website from this channel and am therefore delighted.

I want to thank these 3 Mompreneurs from the bottom of my heart for their great initiative of solidarity. Thank you for promoting our local Belgian trade. Wishing you all the best.

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