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COVID-19 … and afterwards?

Creators lingerie in French and English laces

COVID-19: a simple break in time?

It is difficult, in these times of COVID-19, to promote luxury lingerie items, which I know are far from being basic necessities. A lot of people are seeing their wages go down. They’re thinking about the charges and the bills they have to pay and are wondering how they will succeed in going through this. This period of confinement is undoubtedly more difficult for some people than for others. But in the meantime it invites us ALL to question ourselves …

Questioning ourselves about different things:
How to deal with our emotions regarding this pandemic? Denial, mistrust, openness, introspection, altruism, charity, …
How to establish a balanced living & worktime space during this containment period? Where to draw the limit between the private and professional spheres?
How to manage our relations to ourselves and our relatives, spouse, family, friends? It is not easy to love and support each other every day in this time of imposed promiscuity.
How do we deal with our resilience capacity?  And our ability to bounce back in front of the difficulties encountered by the COVID-19 crisis.
How can we redefine our limits, review our priorities? Analyse what we want to keep and what we want to give up, change or improve …

COVID-19: a cooling-off period?

This parenthesis in time, imposed by the COVID-19 virus and this general containment, is a source of discomfort. Uncertainty, questioning and anxiety for some. Temporary closure of shops for almost of us. And the list goes on.  But it is also a time to consider and think about the way we produce and consume. And sometimes this period even serves to confirm certain choices, which is the case for me.

Today, even more than yesterday, I am proud and happy to have chosen to highlight European lingerie designers. Manufacturing their products in Europe, with noble materials, also produced in Europe. Promoting handcrafted and sustainable production chains.

Today, even more than yesterday, this desire to promote designers lingerie, manufactured according to an ancestral know-how, appears like evidence to me.

The price of designers lingerie pieces is certainly higher than that of mass-produced lingerie in Asia. But this is due to the choice of materials and the expertise of this ultra-qualified workforce.

COVID-19: Handicrafts and Sustainable Lingerie

Tomorrow, when this damn COVID-19 virus will be behind us and life will gradually return to normal, these handicrafts will need you! All these designers who deliberately made the  choice to focus on sustainable lingerie production lines. They will need your support ! They will need us to buy local so that they can continue to produce and enchant you. To be able to continue their work and to create these exceptional items. Those articles that embellish women and soothe the heart. Whether in everyday life or for special occasions.

Because people will always be looking to offer designers lingerie for Valentine’s Day or for your wedding day. For Women’s Day or Mother’s Day. For your birthday or a special occasion to celebrate. And I wish them very, very, very numerous. But please, keep in mind all of the hard work and labour hidden behind these enchanting and exceptional pieces.

European designers of luxury lingerie & accessories

Scène Discrète has made the deliberate choice to highlight European lingerie designers who are not yet or very little represented in Belgium, such as :

  • The designer Paloma Casile for her splendid creations in French lace, made in her Parisian atelier.
  • Patricia Cadolle for her unique French corsetry creations, inherited from generation to generation within the Cadolle House for over a century.
  • Agathe D. Muffert, creator of the German lingerie brand Opaak, which offers sustainable lingerie in recycled materials.
  • Aleksandra Chermenina who created the beautiful velvet harnesses, handmade in Barcelona, under the brand name Couture de Nuit.
  • Bastien Beny and Simon Delacour introducing their magnificent calf leather accessories stamped with gold leaf, made in Paris under the label Domestique.
  • Fleur of England, and its British designer Fleur Turner, whose elegant and refined lingerie creations in silk and lace have won several awards.
  • The designer Kunza proposing her exceptional silk corsets, handmade in London, under the label Kunza Corsetoriom.
  • The amazing bodysuits of Undress Code, created by Izabela Godlewska in Poland.

Belgian lingerie designers

But this doesn’t mean that Scène Discrète is forgetting the Belgian production. An artisanal production we can all be very proud ! Our talented Belgian lingerie designers also need your support during this COVID-19 crisis. Below you will find the link to their respective brands:

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