Shooting at Cabaret Mademoiselle

Shooting Cabaret Mademoiselle

Every year Scène Discrète organises a photo shoot to create visuals in order to illustrate the luxury lingerie brands on its website. In 2021 we followed the tradition and opted for an atypical place: the organization of the shooting in the sublime decor of the Cabaret Mademoiselle in the city centre of Brussels.

The team took possession of the Cabaret Mademoiselle for a day and had fun both on stage and backstage. Discover the video of the fourth Scène Discrète shooting below, held in August 2021, with photographer Franck Duez.

In this fourth shoot at Cabaret Mademoiselle we present 3 designer lingerie brands as well as our own creations.

  • First designer is Cadolle, a French luxury lingerie brand. Cadolle manufactures refined and delicate French haute-couture lingerie that is famous throughout the world. Discover our selection of Cadolle products via this link.
  • Second designer is Paloma Casile, an elegant and refined French luxury lingerie brand. The combination of materials and unexpected graphic cuts, embellished with metallic details, results in pieces that dress the woman like a jewel. Discover our selection of Paloma Casile products via this link.
  • Third designer brand is called Prelude Milano, a luxury lingerie brand designed in Europe. The design office is located in Milan. The pieces feature a mix of fine and precious textures such as silk, lace and embroidery. This creates an endless world of beauty and inspiration for the modern woman. Discover our selection of Prelude Milano products via this link
  • And last but not least our own creations: the tulle and Italian lace capes from Scène Discrète. These will be available on the website in a few days.

Previous shootings

The arrival of new collections is always synonymous with a shoot at Scène Discrète. Indeed, it is very important to me to make you discover them through various stagings. This allows me to highlight the pieces in a universe that is specific to Scène Discrète. Very inspired by the world of show business, the Roaring Twenties and Art Deco architecture. Locations for the shootings are always selected with this in mind.

  • The beautiful Art Deco hotel “Le Berger” was the setting for the first Discrete Scene shoot in March 2018.
  • Second shooting for Scène Discrète was held in the splendid “Art Déco pool Victor Boin” in March 2019. Discover the video of the shooting at the Victor Boin pool by clicking on the link above.
  • The third shooting took place in the private Porsche garage of a collector located in the video of the shooting in the private Porsche garage by clicking on the link above.

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