Shooting in private Porsche garage

Third Shooting Scène Discrète_August 2020

Each year Scène Discrète makes a point of organising a photo shoot to create visuals to illustrate the new luxury lingerie brands on its website. In 2020 we followed the tradition and opted for an atypical location: the sublime setting of a Porsche car collector’s private garage.

Discover below the vidéo behind the scenes of the third shooting for Scène Discrète, shot in August 2020, with photographer Franck Duez.

During the evening the team took possession of the place and was able to admire these magnificent luxury cars a little closer.

In this third shoot we present 3 new designer lingerie brands.

  • The first one is “COCO DE MER “, a British luxury lingerie brand, founded in 2001 and based in London.  It offers luxury lingerie that is both seductive and stimulating. Discover our selection of Coco de Mer products via this link
  • Second one is “I.D. SARRIERI“, a luxury lingerie brand, offering fine lingerie, negligees and swimwear. The brand is existing since the beginning of the 21st century and is driven by the desire to celebrate the woman in all her power and sophistication. The fine lingerie pieces created therefore exude femininity and sensuality. Discover our selection of I.D. Sarrieri products via following link
  • The third brand is called “13ème Lune“. It is a French non-conformist luxury lingerie brand, created in 2015 by Stéphanie Cappellini. All the collections of this brand are produced in Marseille, by hand. They combine soft and delicate fabrics with sophisticated and elegant graphic shapes. Intricate details, often very aesthetic, enhance the whole. Discover our selection of 13ème Lune products via this link.

The arrival of new collections is always synonymous with a shoot at Scène Discrète. Indeed, it is very important to me to make you discover them through staging. This allows me to highlight the pieces in a universe that is specific to Scène Discrète. Very inspired by the Roaring Twenties and the Art Deco architecture, the locations for the first two shoots were in this perspective.

The magnificent Art Deco hotel “Le Berger” was the setting for the first Scène Discrète shooting in March 2018.

The splendid ” Art Déco Victor Boin Swimmingpool” was the setting for the second Scène Discrète shooting in March 2019. Discover the video of the second shooting by clicking on this link.

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