Care Guide

All the luxury lingerie brands that are for sale on this site advocate for hand washing their lingerie. For bustiers and corsets it is advisable to opt for dry cleaning.

Hand washing – flat drying – No ironing

  • If your product features removable elements, remove them before servicing.
  • Use a delicate soap and never use bleaching products
  • Wash your lingerie in lukewarm water and rinse it with cold water
  • Don’t twist it, as it distorts the fibers
  • Gently squeeze the lingerie to drain the water, never wring it
  • Dry it flat on a dry towel
  • Never iron your lingerie

If however you opt for a machine wash program:

  • Separate the sets and sort them by color. Never mix your sets of different colors.
  • Select the low temperature cycle with a maximum of 30°.
  • Close all the hooks of the bras to avoid tearing materials.
  • Place your lingerie in a washing bag so as to protect the fibers and accessories from any contact with the cylinder.
  • Use liquid washing powder for delicate materials, especially for lace and tulle.
  • Do not add any softener
  • Avoid machine wash for very fine lace and silk
  • Never use an automatic dryer but always dry your lingerie flat on a dry towel.
  • Never iron your lingerie.

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